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A popular treatment to tidy feet up and leave you walking on air. Corn and callus removal, thickened or fungal nails, various verruca treatments and ingrown toenails are all treated in an effective and gentle way. However, you don't need to have particular problems to benefit from this treatment, nails are trimmed, hard skin gently removed, feet are left smoothed and deeply moisturised.

Chiropody/Podiatry Treatment £32

Including local anaesthesia, permanent nail removal (all or part of nail), and dressings appointments post surgery.

Nail Surgery Package £235

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Verruca Treatment £39

After examination to confirm diagnosis of a verruca, the podiatrist will use a revolutionary new immune response triggering treatment where the skin is numbed with local anaesthetic and a dry needling technique is used to create an inflammatory response, thus triggering an immune system reaction from within the verruca tissue.  It is the latest in verruca treatment and has been clinically proven to be the most effective verruca treatment currently available in the UK.

Biomechanical Assessment £45

Lower back pain, hip pain and knee pain can sometimes be caused by malalignment within the basic structure of the foot. A Biomechanical Assessment will  assess your posture, foot and leg function; the position, alignment and movement in your joints including your shoes and the way you walk. All this information allows the best possible orthotics (insoles) for your individual needs to be recommended and ordered for you.

Orthotics from £45

A foot orthotic is a device that can be discretely inserted into a shoe to support, align, or accommodate foot deformities or poor foot mechanics.

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